Welcome to Vale's Shop!

You can purchase digital items here to boost your gameplay, such as ranks and crate keys. You may also just support us and donate!

* No refunds allowed.


  • When do I get my purchase?
    It may take up to 5 minutes for your items to be received.
  • Are ranks permanent?
    Unless otherwise specified, yes. 
  • What is the income spent on? Do the owners make a profit?
    Running Minecraft servers is an expensive hobby. From renting dedicated server hardware, custom art, to having the very best quality plugins. 99% of the time, income is spent on keeping the server alive and for future expenses. However, if the server ever has a surplus, we may use the profit to buy gift-cards for competitions, or the owners (NintendoFrosty and Mhia) may use it to treat ourselves for the hard work it takes to run the servers.
  • I need a refund.
    Sorry, we do not offer refunds, because you're buying a digital product, and we need to keep our servers running. However, if you're unhappy with your product or something isn't working correctly, contact Mhia on discord (mhia#7153) or request support on our forums (https://vale.gg). 

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